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[ FAVORITE FILMS MEME ] 32 out of ∞ 

The Take (Mini-Series)

"When the time comes you have to be able to kill someone you love"
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[ FAVORITE FILMS MEME ] 31 out of ∞ 


"I struggle between what I know is right in my own mind, and some warped truthfulness as seen through other people’s eyes who have no heart, and can’t see the difference anyway."
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[ FAVORITE FILMS MEME ] 30 out of ∞ 

Sid and Nancy

 But Sidney’s more than a mere bass player. He’s a fabulous disaster. He’s a symbol, a metaphor, he embodies the dementia of a nihilistic generation. He’s a fuckin’ star.”

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[ FAVORITE FILMS MEME ] 29 out of ∞ 

Less Than Zero

Clay: Are you happy, Blair? You don’t look happy.

Blair: But do I look good?

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[ FAVORITE FILMS MEME ] 28 out of ∞ 

The Dreamers

Listen to me, Theo. Before you can change the world you must realize that you, yourself, are part of it. You can’t stand outside looking in.”

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Name: Ancora Qui
Artist: Elisa Toffoli (Elisa)
Album: Django Unchained: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
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Elisa Toffoli - Ancora Qui

completely in love with this song, her voice is incredible!

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i wouldn’t go as far as calling myself a bad bitch i’m more of a moderately mean young lady

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American Horror Story: Freak Show | Teaser #5 - “Head to Toe”

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Your First Impression of Me vs Impression of Me Now (Anonymous or Not)

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  do it!


How to Make Groot Cupcakes 

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"kieren’s walk is slightly awkward, slightly not right – his bones aren’t quite right. he’s not quite as agile as he was." [x]

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